My name is Alex Petrovich, and I support L.D. 1693, which would allow employees to move outside of a company’s internal arbitration process – which many employees agree to without even realizing it.

From three years of experience working at a local Burger King, I can definitely say that this bill is much needed. In those three years I’ve seen sexual harassment, mishandling of those claims, threatening co-workers and much more. Workers deserve the ability to move to court if and when they feel the need, and should not be blocked from doing so.

Management of the store did nothing in all of these cases, and we as employees suffered because of it. Having these arbitration agreements in place make it much more difficult for workers to have their voices heard.

For example, one of my co-workers was subjected to five different incidents of sexual harassment. It was brought up to management several times only to be met with harsh words, victim blaming and defense of the harasser. We as employees deserve the right to fight back and to know that we will be protected at work.

Having the option to move outside of the company’s own internal process, to find outside help and support in situations such as the ones I highlighted above, is important for so many workers in Maine.

Alex Petrovich

Bryant Pond

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