We would like to suggest that in the future you do not feature mass shootings on your front page. Perhaps, instead, you might consider a once-a-week column buried in the the newspaper called “Thoughts and Prayers” or “Massacres of the Week.”

As long as our nation refuses to take meaningful constitutional action on gun control (e.g., red-flag legislation, universal background checks, bans on silencers and AR-15s, etc.) and expends no real effort to understand and deal with mental health issues and white supremacy and racism, we can no longer bear to be confronted by photos, stories, names and the horror of our innocent people being slaughtered.

We can no longer hold in our hearts the names of those ripped from their lives or think about the consequences for their children and families, and we cannot even remember all the names of the cowardly murderers.

We understand that no matter what we do, we cannot completely halt the gunman bent on domestic terror, but we can have a beginning. So, unless and until our citizens demand action and our legislators develop strong moral backbones and fight for some real solutions, what’s the point of your front page flaunting, in our faces, the images of those whose lives have been destroyed?

Sandra and Ole Jaeger


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