Passage of the recent bill banning conversion therapy in our state signifies much more than the words written in the act itself. It’s the Maine state government standing in solidarity that they believe in minority rights. Now, minors are protected from the systemic forced change of certain aspects of their identity. Now, a widely condemned practice is banned. Now, we’re taking the steps in the right direction of acceptance of all people.

I have always admired Maine’s ability to adapt between pioneering legislation and passing legislation that is simply widely supported across the nation. Finally, we can now proudly call ourselves one of the 18 states that have stood up against the inefficiencies of government to protect LGBTQ rights in another way.

I want to thank Rep. Ryan Fecteau, D-Biddeford, for being the prime sponsor of the bill and helping it get onto Gov. Janet Mills’ desk. It wasn’t easy, but it finally ended the right way.

Bambi Zhuang