Does the average person know that people with mental health issues and on Social Security Disability are prevented from earning more than a cap that is set for them while working? If they earn one cent over that amount, their benefits are taken away.

You might ask: “Why don’t they go off SSD and work full time?” The answer isn’t as clear and simple as that. Though many disabled people can’t handle the stress of full time work, they may be able to tolerate part time work that allows them to be productive and contribute to society. At the same time, disabled folks should receive a living wage that keeps them out of poverty.

I understand that some people will take advantage of this. But don’t throw the baby out with the bathwater. Being deemed “disabled” should be carefully monitored by mental health professionals. Those who are truly disabled suffer when others are fraudulent. I’m not saying change is easy. Nor do I have a quick solution. Just ideas to take into consideration.

Victoria Molta


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