The case for expanding Maine’s Earned Income Tax Credit 

As the cost of living continues to increase, benefits for working people need to do the same. Maine’s Earned Income Tax Credit helps pay for things like groceries, bills, car repairs, and other necessities. 

Maine’s EITC benefit is one of the smallest in the entire country! Increasing the benefit will help keep Maine in line with other states. More money in my pocket means more money being spent in the community. This bill would also make it so I could receive quarterly or monthly payments, which would be a great help to my income to get some extra money throughout the year instead of in one lump sum. Recent studies have shown that almost half of all Mainers don’t have $400 available in case of emergency. This is a huge problem, and expanding Maine’s EITC is a step towards helping thousands of Mainers. 

Our whole state benefits when working people can make ends meet or can prepare for an emergency. An expansion of our state’s EITC will help boost our whole economy including our local small businesses. I’m excited the legislature has the opportunity to expand Maine’s EITC program and change thousands of lives. 

Brandy Staples, 


Thanks from a student 

I would like to thank Patty Sparks and the Village Heritage Society for selecting me as the recipient of the Spirit of the “Dragon Ambassador Medallion and Scholarship” this year. I am incredibly grateful for this award/scholarship. I have learned so much about the history of the dragon as the spirit animal for Brunswick from the individuals of the Village Heritage Society. I hope that now, I too can help spread the message about Brunswick’s rich history in selecting the dragon as the school spirit animal. I would also like to thank everyone in the community who came together and donated to this amazing scholarship. I am so grateful that I have been able to grow up with such loving people all around me; always willing to lend a hand, donate to a cause, or even to just say hello. I will keep Brunswick close to my heart as I go on to my next journey at college this year. I will be using this scholarship to attend Ithaca College, as I go on to double major in vocal performance and astrophysics. Again, thank you so much to everyone that helped with this award/scholarship!  

Lily Kimball Watras,