On May 29, the Press Herald published a letter from our executive director, Godfrey Wood, regarding Tuesday’s Falmouth Town Council election. The letter mistakenly suggested that Habitat for Humanity of Greater Portland was supporting certain candidates in the Falmouth Town Council election.

Habitat for Humanity does not take any position regarding the election of any particular candidate for public office and specifically has no position regarding which candidate or candidates should be elected to the Falmouth Town Council in the election.

Godfrey Wood is a longtime resident of Falmouth. The opinions in Mr. Wood’s letter were his personal opinions as a Falmouth resident and were incorrectly attributed to the affiliate. We have addressed this mistake with Godfrey and are sending this letter to clear up any confusion.

On behalf of Habitat for Humanity, I would like to apologize for any misconceptions that might have resulted from Mr. Wood’s letter and reiterate that the organization takes no position with respect to the various candidates running for Falmouth Town Council.

John B. Shumadine

president, Board of Directors, Habitat for Humanity of Greater Portland


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