Have you been paying attention? Our legislators have been up to some shenanigans. Do they or anyone who is paying attention see the hypocrisy?

They have passed a bill to make getting abortions easier. We taxpayers are going to have to fund abortions for those on MaineCare. Whatever happened to personal responsibility? Also passed was a bill allowing others besides physicians to perform abortions. In that is included the ability for minor girls to get abortions without any parent’s consent or knowledge.

At the same time they have given permission for minor girls to get abortions, they have banned those same minor girls from using tanning beds. What?

The Legislature has also passed an assisted-suicide bill.

While passing those bills that make it easier to kill babies and adults and violate parental rights, they are actually debating a bill (L.D. 1442) to require animals be provided with legal representation in cruelty cases and to make penalties harsher.

So killing babies and adults is good, but hurting dogs is bad.

Now they want to make Maine a “sanctuary state.” The bill (L.D. 1589) will order that Maine law enforcement officers be essentially banned from cooperating with federal immigration authorities.

Do we really want this in Maine? Contact your state senators and representatives and the governor.

Kandi-Lee Hoy

South Portland

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