Re: “Three breweries pull out of Brunswick festival, citing sponsor’s domestic violence charge” (June 6):

I want to recognize the Black Pug, Flight Deck and Moderation breweries for being great stewards of our Brunswick-area community. This is a wonderful demonstration of social responsibility by balancing the need for profitability while benefiting society as a whole.

By withdrawing from the Taste of Summer festival after Waterfront Concerts became a sponsor, these three business leaders took action and sent a clear message that that they care deeply about their employees, customers and the community. Having a zero tolerance policy for domestic and sexual abuse makes us a stronger, better place to live and work.

Festival director Amanda Cahoon said the festival organizers also have a “zero tolerance” standard, yet they are still working with Waterfront Concerts.

In a time when real leadership is lacking, if not altogether absent, at many levels across our country – and when some individuals and companies are too absorbed with personal gain, profits and conveniences versus what is right – it is noteworthy that these three Brunswick business owners took a stand based on core values and led with action, not just words.

I personally want to thank the Black Pug, Flight Deck and Moderation for putting principle over profit. Your community appreciates what you have done, and I believe you will profit economically for serving your community with integrity.

Sheila Menair


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