Re: “Driver in fatal I-295 crash has history of violations” (June 11, Page B1):

The circumstances of this accident should outrage everyone who travels on Maine roads and highways. A young woman lost her life, and her brother was injured. The photograph of automobile parts all over the road shows the hazards to everyone else on the road.

How does it happen that a person with so many violations, including two operating-under-the-influence convictions, manage to keep getting his license back? What was this person thinking and doing, on a perfectly nice day, that led to such a tragedy? Who insures such a reckless driver? The 10-day jail sentence for his second OUI obviously was not sufficient to get his attention.

This accident was not an isolated incident. It was the culmination of a dangerous pattern. It was 100 percent avoidable, if his car and license were taken away some time ago.

I don’t want to fear for my life every time I drive. Our state has to do more to prevent habitual offenders from causing such tragedies. I encourage everyone to contact their state legislators to stop the slaughter on our roads and highways.

Carolyn Vetro


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