Bill Nemitz wrote an important column in the June 9 Maine Sunday Telegram: “Local business washes away a big-box store nightmare” (Page C1). Through Nemitz’s telling the fine story of Mark and Matt Rouillard and Central Furniture and Appliance Inc., I am reminded of another store that provides customer service like we so need these days: Ames True Value Hardware in Wiscasset.

Ames is owned by three brothers: Jeff, Wayne and Chris Averill. I believe the store was begun by their parents a number of years ago. I have been trading there since the early 1980s. The brothers and their wonderful staff are there day after day to sell, consult and just chat on any and all topics. I can find anything I need for my apple orchard, gardens and home. If something is not there that I am looking for, they will get it for me in a jiffy.

It is because of Ames that no big-box stores have made a play in the area!

Their return policy is completely open and trusting. In fact, the only item they refused to take back from me was a tangled spool to my weed whacker that I had truly messed up. When I showed it to Jeff, he simply laughed and I bought a new one.

Ames True Value and Central Furniture and Appliance represent the best in retail, and my hat is off to all the stores in our state that really care about their customers.

C. Waite Maclin


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