FALMOUTH—Windham kept close to Falmouth – or the other way around, reader’s choice – through much of the first half in the teams’ A North Final on Wednesday, June 12, with Alanna Joyce and Emma Yale contributing Eagles’ notches. But the Yachtswomen inched ahead 5-3 for the break, then broke away in the downhill half to heap up an impressive, 12-6 triumph.

Falmouth struck first in the outing, but Joyce hashed the next two, giving her girls a slight upper-hand. The Yachtswomen then evened things up before Yale nabbed another Windham point, 3-2.

The game looked, just then, destined to unfold as a shootout.

But Falmouth soon took over, piling on the next five straight. The Yachtswomen’s surge carried the action into the second half, and put them ahead 7-3 with 23:18 remaining in the game. Windham called timeout.

Eagle Belle Skvorak closed the gap a bit with a free-position goal following the teams’ return to the turf, but Falmouth soon answered. 8-4. Windhamite Morgan Colangelo bounced a free position opportunity off the Falmouth post not long afterwards, and the Yachtswomen tallied two more; the Eagles’ day had officially begun to unravel.

Yale added another for Windham with 10:59 left on the clock, but it was the 11-5 point; she and her girls still trailed distantly. Falmouth’s strong defense and strong goaltending would keep the Eagles from catching up in those last 11 minutes – would keep them, that is, from scoring at the pace they needed to score at. 12-6 the final.

Windham retires till 2020 at 12-2. The Eagles marched through the regular season at 11-1, losing only their last game – and then by a mere one, 8-7. That defeat came vs. Kennebunk, A South’s No. 1 outfit. In the playoffs, the Eagles walloped A North’s three-seed, Portland, 10-5, to earn their run-in with Falmouth.

Windham actually bested the Yachtswomen 7-6 back in early May. Saturday’s bout, though, was also a rematch of last year’s Regional Final. Frustratingly, the Eagles succumbed in that game as well.

Falmouth went on to defeat Kennebunk 5-3 for the State Championship.

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Emma Yale played a crucial offensive role for the Lady Eagles this year.

Belle Skvorak lets fly a shot on net for the Eagles at Falmouth.

Morgan Colangelo drives forward for Windham on the attack at Falmouth.

Riley Beem skirts a Falmouth opponent.

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