The last time I wrote to the Portland Press Herald regarding our flag was the Jan. 18, 2017, letter to the editor “Free speech shouldn’t mean you can alter how to fly flag” (Page A6).

Well, this time, it’s about flying the colors half-staff – when to do so and when to display back to full-staff.

I have seen so many displays, full- and half-staff, on so many occasions, that I make phone calls to the governor’s office to get some sort of explanation, whether it be a state order or a federal one. The response is that official notice is made to various agencies, to include local and state newspapers.

Is it possible that the Portland Press Herald could, when the situation occurs, publish a small block notice on a corner of the front page? Then, that way, all those, like myself, would be in line with each other.

Martin Asdourian

South Portland

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