SPRINGVALE — A sick fox that Sanford police had warned Springvale residents about on Thursday afternoon has been captured.

Sanford Animal Control Officer Lauren Masellas in a social media posting said the fox would be tested to determine if it had rabies.

Police had warned residents in the area of King and Rankin streets that there had been two confirmed reports of fox attacks on domestic cats.

Masellas said anyone who believes their animal may have had contact with the fox should notify her office immediately.

As well, she urged residents to keep their pets’ rabies shots up to date.

Residents should tell their children to be careful of any strange animals, Police Chief Thomas Connolly said.


“You should always tell your children not to approach any animal they don’t know and not to approach any wild animal,” said Connolly in a telephone interview.

If youngsters playing outside see any wild animals, they should go indoors and tell an adult, he said.

In a social media posting, police had warned people against approaching or attempting to secure the sick fox, and advised residents to contact Sanford police or Maine game wardens if they have any contact with wildlife that looks sick or is acting abnormally.

“We strongly recommend anyone with cats or other small, free-roaming pets to make sure they are up to date on their rabies vaccination and to contact their vet regarding a booster vaccination,” police said.

Dogs should also be up to date on rabies shots and not left outside unsupervised, they added.

Abnormal behavior includes lack of fear by an animal in approaching humans and domestic animals, aggressive behavior towards people and domestic animals, attempting to get into sheds or garages or being around during daylight hours while not actively hunting.

Senior Staff Writer Tammy Wells can be contacted at 780-9016 or twells@journaltribune.com.

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