Until recently, I have been unsure whether beginning impeachment hearings on President Trump was the best political move. Now, after President Trump has brazenly expressed his willingness to receive information from a foreign government about his 2020 Democratic challenger, I realize that this is no longer a question centered on political strategy. It is no longer a question of which party might lose (or gain) from beginning impeachment hearings.

The president’s willingness to enter into transactions with agents of foreign powers is a grave problem for every American. As a result, our democracy could easily be more imperiled than it already is.

A democracy is fragile; it is not perfect, but it is certainly better than a corrupt dictatorship enabled by an unethical underpinning. My concern is that unless House Speaker Nancy Pelosi understands this, we will all pay the price for Congress failing to fully investigate whether President Trump has committed crimes. And, with no accountability, he will be tempted to follow through on his shameful invitation, to the peril of all U.S. citizens.

Lucy Breslin

South Portland

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