Before we know it, the most contentious electoral period in our history will be over. If Democrats win, how will we pick up the pieces?

From our beginnings, Americans living on the two coasts and in a few in-between areas near major waterways have been blessed with great universities, jobs and municipal systems.

To our huge national detriment, people with whom I personally relate – farmers and their communities – have a far different environment. There, rural development affords less cash, less money available to create beautiful libraries and strong, competitive schools and universities. There, far fewer diverse and well-paying jobs are created.

So, for our vision for 2020 going forward, what must we do? In addition to the infrastructure of all communication systems, including the internet, we must infuse the cultural and educational establishments of rural areas with billions of dollars. We cannot lose our precious farmers. They are our fellow Americans and they are our lifeline to food. They cannot be left to fend for themselves in a world that increasingly passes them by.

If Republicans win in 2020, we Democrats must still work as much as possible, to the extent we can, to build and enhance educational institutions in every state of the Union.

But, wait; think: Why are we waiting until after 2020? Let’s start moving now!

Helen Rivas-Rose


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