The presidential candidates’ debates last week solidified for viewers that Democrats do nothing but complain about America. They find something to frown about in just about everything America has ever done or is doing.

They say our health-care system stinks and should be taken over by the government. Capitalism stinks and should be replaced by socialism. White men are yesterday’s news. Our president is corrupt and should be impeached. Americans are racist and homophobic and should be re-educated.

Democrats sound like spoiled-rotten children who complain about everything because they’ve got it so good. All the while, we constituents are getting run over and run down by their constant criticism of every aspect of American life. We need a break from the insanity.

Recently, I experienced a short break from America-haters when my brother, niece and I ran a 5K that celebrated Flag Day and veterans. As we sat on a grassy field following the race, listening to a country music band perform patriotic songs and watching members of the military interact with runners, my brother remarked how different the pro-America vibe was to his daily experience of life in liberal-dominated Massachusetts.

He was amazed at how no one was protesting the military or the core values that have built this great country. The concept of God and country wasn’t being ridiculed, and people were proud to show the flag. People were focusing on celebrating and not apologizing for America’s strengths. It was weird. No one was complaining, blaming or claiming victimhood.

This Independence Day, we should take a cue from the organizers of the race and, for once, stop criticizing the country in which we live.


Many, especially on the left, revel in America’s imperfections and run political campaigns based on those imperfections. They fan the flames and make mountains out of molehills, all because they want a “D” to win at the ballot box. Under Obama, Democrats never criticized. Under Trump, they do nothing else. And because they own the media, we’re inundated with the negativity 24/7.

Examples abound. Elizabeth Warren’s call for reparations for gays and blacks is foolishness. All that will do is enrage non-gay and non-black Americans, who will be asked to pay for something they didn’t do.

Bernie Sanders’ call for democratic socialism is destructive to the American economy and psyche of each person. Capitalism makes us better people, individually and corporately. Socialism – and the government control required to make socialism take hold – makes us puppets of tyrannical central planners. I can’t believe we have a candidate pushing this ideology just a few short years after the Soviet Union imploded and while we witness human tragedy in socialist Venezuela unfold in real time.

This Fourth of July, instead of falling for the Democrat-manufactured malcontent, let’s focus on America’s contributions and victories.

Let’s remember, for example, that greatest of all human feats when America landed men on the moon 50 years ago.

Remember when America began the final push toward defeating fascism and ending the Holocaust by storming the beaches of Normandy 75 years ago.


Remember 100 years ago when America helped to end the Great War.

Remember 150 years ago when Union soldiers bled and died to end the great injustice of slavery.

Remember 250 years ago when American revolutionaries demanded a life free from government tyranny.

This is a great opportunity to take a break from all the negativity, and smile knowing you live in the greatest country ever created.

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