Today was the last straw. I sobbed in the shower after seeing the horrific photo of the Salvadoran father and his 23-month-old child drowned.

This was the place, a land of opportunity, with freedom and justice for all. We were founded by immigrants looking for a new life and we embraced them.

America is an entirely different place now. We cannot trust our rhetoric-chattering politicians or what is in our food or water.

Our country is now run by big business and politicians making deals of self-interest. We applaud celebrities more than teachers. Basic needs fall on deaf ears now.

I remember hearing years ago now, “It’s just business” and thought quietly that this was the end of integrity or pride in what we deliver and consider.

Our country is run by a tyrant, with no regard for human life. I’m heartbroken to know that this is no longer a place any immigrant should consider. The out-of-date idea that America is a place you trust, that puts its people first, comes from some ancient textbook now.

The idea of a world run by 25 companies is no longer science fiction. Amazon is clearly a misnomer – its real name should be “Anaconda.” Without conscience, it takes down Main Streets everywhere. Books were just their appetizer – there’s no end to their consumption.

“Coming to America” is better as the movie with Eddie Murphy than in any reality. Immigrants are corralled like cattle, though they are the backbone for so many jobs, showing up every day, running the least glamorous world of dishwashing, deliveries and cleaning. They harvest our toxic food and spray known cancerous chemicals on our food every day.

I wish I could post a billboard at the border with a huge sign: “Reconsider.”

Katharyn Aroneau


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