With the passage of recent Maine renewable-energy bills, Maine will become a leader in renewable energy. The problem is, other states that have lagged behind in developing renewable-energy infrastructure are still able to pollute the air that Mainers breathe.

A new national renewable-electricity standard is being introduced by Sen. Tom Udall of New Mexico. The bill would require every state to increase annual sales of electricity from renewable sources by at least the federal standard. Laggard states are not at a disadvantage because the policy is focused only on the growth of new renewables.

Sen. Susan Collins has recently introduced a bill on energy storage (the BEST Act), and she supports the extension of electric vehicle tax credits. These programs would be well served by a national goal for renewable energy, as the renewable-electricity standard would lay the foundation for both her energy storage and electric vehicles programs to thrive. Sen. Collins has said that Maine is “at the end of our nation’s air pollution ‘tailpipe.’ ”

Sen. Udall’s renewable-electricity standard bill holds other states accountable, while greatly benefiting Maine. Sen. Collins should co-sponsor the bill to show bipartisan support for our renewable-energy future.

Marty Fox


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