The greatest division in any society is not between Democrat and Republican, liberal and conservative. It is between the powerful and the powerless. With one decision on gerrymandering, the Supreme Court placed itself squarely on the side of the powerful.

I trusted the highest court to act on behalf of ordinary citizens, not entrenched political parties. I hoped the court would remind politicians everywhere that, in a democracy, ultimate power lies with voters.

Instead, the court has made it possible, likely, even inevitable, that those in power will choose their own voters so that they will remain in power. I can still cast my vote, but my vote can easily be rendered meaningless.

How can citizens be afforded equal protection under the law if lawmakers can choose whose votes matter and whose do not?

This is a shameful decision, made even worse by the moment in history in which it was made. At a time when democracy and accountability need strengthening, the court weakened them. At a time when citizens need to be more engaged, the court chose to demoralize them, degrade their power and devalue their voices.

Voters trusted the Supreme Court. It abandoned us.

Sarah Thomson


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