The Daily Sweat owner Tiffany Lathrop does a tree pose at her Kennebunk yoga and barre studio. LIZ GOTTHELF/Journal Tribune

KENNEBUNK — A new yoga studio in Kennebunk is turning up the temperature with heated yoga and barre classes.

Tiffany Lathrop opened The Daily Sweat on June 15 at 65 Portland Road, in the Shops at Long Bank. The studio offers a range of different yoga classes and Pilates-inspired barre classes.

One of the offerings is heated vinyasa yoga, which is taught in a room that is about 85 degrees.

The studio also offers a restorative yoga class once a week. This class is open to all levels and taught by candle light. Participants go through a sequence of poses supported by props to promote relaxation.

There is also Buti yoga, which incorporates cardio-intensive bursts of movement and can include tribal dancing and drumming on yoga mats.

“We get the once a week person, the every day person, and everyone in between,” said Lathrop.

With a variety of classes, Lathrop aspires to build a welcoming space for people of all ages, levels and body types.

“I think the best communities are the ones where we can learn from one another,” said Lathrop. “ I want to create a community where families can work out together, a community that people love and want to be a part of.”

Lathrop has been teaching yoga since 2009, and was introduced to yoga in 2005 while living in Buffalo, New York, and completing a college internship in the marketing field. Her boss’s wife taught yoga, and Lathrop was able to do a work exchange at a yoga studio to take classes.

Lathrop noticed some positive changes after doing yoga regularly. For one, her stress level was down. Also, her body felt stronger, and she noticed she didn’t get shin splints when running marathons.

She said a regular yoga practice can increase mindfulness and flexibility. She has had older clients who after taking yoga are able to shovel again. One client who began taking yoga when she opened the Kennebunk studio in mid-June is now able to touch her toes, something she couldn’t do just 17 days before.

“One of the coolest things as a teacher is seeing a student do something that they couldn’t do before,” Lathrop said.

The Daily Sweat is the only studio in the area that offers heated yoga. Practicing yoga in a heated room allows your body to heat up from the outside in, which allows muscles to warm up quicker and helps muscles stretch. It also detoxes the skin and boosts immunity by increasing white blood cell production, said Lathrop.

Lathrop is originally from Massachusetts and lives in Kennebunk with her husband David, and two-year-old daughter Hope.

She said she chose the Route 1 location because it’s close to a grocery store, a nail salon and other shops, and the location is conveniently located for busy parents who want to incorporate a yoga class into their schedule which they can do after going food shopping or getting their nails done. The Route 1 location is also easy to get to for those getting into town from the highway.

The business community has been very friendly and some of her business neighbors have begun taking classes at the studio, Lathrop said.

The studio is open seven days a week, and Lathrop strives to make the facility accommodating to clients. She offers a membership option that allows unlimited classes through one monthly fee. The studio holds Mommy and me classes, where young children and their mothers exercise together. Children 10 and younger in households that sign up in Mommy and me classes receive a free membership to the studio, and can use the membership to go to the studio with a babysitter, grandparent or friend,.

“We’re trying to make it easy for families to create healthy habits and bring fitness into young people’s lives, so they grow up knowing how important it is to move,” Lathrop said.

There are also classes at 6 a.m. and 5:45 p.m., for those who want to take a class before or after a typical work day.

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