The Associated Press article published in the June 30 Maine Sunday Telegram on the below-average numbers of baby lobsters off the coast mentions in passing that “some scientists have said the shellfish appear to be moving north as waters warm.”

At least as important as the changes intended to protect whales and the availability of bait, the effect of climate change seems worth another sentence or two.

There is clearly an opportunity for a larger story on the interconnection of these problems, and the need for our government, media and business leaders to connect the dots for all the ways that our food supply, and those who plant and harvest it, are affected by climate change.

Some members of Congress are seeing the light – the Climate Solutions Caucus was recently relaunched. They understand the need to find effective solutions that can gain bipartisan support. Perhaps they they will seriously consider H.R. 763, the Energy Innovation and Carbon Dividend Act.

The lobster industry will thank us if we tell our leaders that action to reduce carbon in our atmosphere is urgently needed.

Valerie Blais


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