Your July 6 edition contained a letter from a Cape Elizabeth gentleman (Charles Scontras) who was quite critical of a group he derisively identifies as “true believers.”

I wonder if the writer grasps the incredible irony of his critique. He assails these “true believers” as intolerant, rigid and embracing authoritarianism while implying that his side (the left) practices tolerance and compromise. This is the constant packaged complaint of the left against conservative opponents. However, the reality is that they (the left) are incredible practitioners of rigidity, intolerance and, most ironically, hatred.

Exhibit A: Antifa. Exhibit B: When did you ever hear of a conservative spitting in someone’s face in a restaurant, or driving couples out who were trying to have a quiet meal?

To those on the left who wish to see the genesis of intolerance, authoritarianism and hate, look no further than a mirror.

Don Vose


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