I was startled by Kathleen Parker’s July 2 column, “Why young Americans may be conservatives at heart” (Page A5).

First of all, I do not think that many would argue with her desire to see young Americans happier, more prosperous and better educated. These are reasonable goals and certainly not limited to conservatives.

It is when she advocates tax cuts and decreased regulations that I wonder where she has been for the last few decades. As we have seen, tax cuts do not pay for themselves, nor do they benefit the middle and lower middle class nearly as much as they do the more affluent in our society.

Decreasing regulations in the face of climate change is a recipe for disaster and will cost all of us dearly, but the price will fall mostly on the young.

Whether or not greater participation in religious organizations would help some of these problems is not clear to me, but the decline in religious attendance is well known.

I do not have solutions to offer, but I feel that trying another approach would be more appropriate.

Nancy D. Barber


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