In the June 27 issue there seems to be bias with the reporter, Chance Viles. How does one write an article with the assumption of a done deal, just by quoting the owner of 511 Bridge St.? The owner, by the way, is very presumptuous himself in stating that he is “already working on staffing and plans on quickly enrolling a 100 children late this fall.”

There are major noise, storm drainage and multi traffic concerns. It was my understanding that the previous Planning Board meeting was only a first proposal/presentation of what they would like to use the building for. The reporter makes it sound like the final vote will take place at the next meeting.

Mr. Chase did not attend the first meeting, so for him to quote what went on is quite pretentious on his part. When Ashley Moulton was asked how many children would be out at one time she is quoted “20, maybe 30, 40.” Why didn’t she say 40 at the beginning? Did she think starting at 20 seem to sound better? There will be two play yards going. The probability of only 20 children out at one time seems totally understated.

I also quote her from the first initial meeting, “I saw this place last fall and I said this is perfect for me.” Well I will tell you, it is not perfect for me. The site walk is scheduled for Saturday, July 13, at 9 a.m. While you cannot speak during the walk, you may attend. I will be there.

Maria Lundy

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