Elizabeth Printy’s commentary about pregnant women “who decide they do not want to take responsibility for the baby they carry” ignores the man’s responsibility.

Robert Billings wrote that he and his brother were not wanted ,their mother never showed them affection. There is more to life than being born. Steven Edmondson’s letter to eliminate abortions was to fund birth control and sex education and use contraceptives.

Should we not question the validity of any religion that denies women the right to control their own lives?  Girls as young as nine who have been raped and impregnated are forced to give birth.

Contraceptives would help the world’s staggering overpopulation. People seeking a safe place to live are being denied entry worldwide. It’s happening here at the U.S. Mexican border! Birth control should be encouraged.

In our country men and women by are considered equal. Abortion and contraceptives are legal. The fundamentalist religions want to make them illegal. They are the core of Trump’s reelection in 2020. He has promised to repeal Roe vs. Wade and has packed the Supreme Court with white conservative males and expects them to be loyal.

Jerry Falwell Jr., a leader of the religious right, said there is nothing Donald Trump could do that would make him withdraw his support.. He said “You don’t choose a president based on how good they are, you choose a president based on what their policies are.”

This is a precarious time for women’s rights and for all of our citizens. Will the Supreme Court show their support for Trump and repeal Roe vs.Wade? Will our democracy prevail or will we become a theocracy? Much depends on the 2020 election.

Gene Proctor

West Bath

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