The Daily Grind’s Flo truck has been sold to the owner of Bogs Bakery. Courtesy photo

WESTBROOK— The Daily Grind has sold its coffee truck, called Flo, to Kelley Foley of Bogs Bakery.

Foley, who has been selling artisan toast and sandwiches from a small blue cart around Portland, purchased the truck last week. Quitting her day job just this week, Foley plans to work out of the truck full-time, selling espresso, toast and sandwiches.

We do toast, we make the bread and the toppings, so it’s like an open faced sandwich,” Foley said. “The truck will be an expanded offering of what we have now.”

She is working on rebranding and repainting the truck to fit her business, but “she will always be Flo,” Foley said.

Her toast cart’s menu included toasted sea salt focaccia toast with caramelized onions, hummus, pickled veggies and a balsamic glaze; a toast sandwich with mozzarella and pesto; and potato salad and other side dishes.

“It’s a big deal for us,” she said of the purchase. “We outgrew our old cart pretty quickly.”

Flo will still be seen around Westbrook. Foley plans to move from Portland to Westbrook to live and run the business.

She said she hopes to get the licensing done and her business in the truck up and running as soon as possible. She has agreed to cover the events in Westbrook that the Daily Grind had already committed Flo to.

Sue Salisbury, co-owner of the Daily Grind with her husband, Joe, said they just did not have the time to keep the truck as well as their brick and mortar location on Main Street.

“I am sad to see it go. I wish we had more time, I still work full time outside of the business, so it’s hard,” Salisbury said. “I wish I had more time to help Joe and be available to do the events or cover the shop while he did them.”

The Salisburys bought the truck in 2018 from Carson Lynch of Gorham, who also ran a coffee business out of the truck.

“My husband and I have worked a number of events on the truck. It’s a great time, really fun, and you could see the potential for it by the people who have reached out to us to buy it,” Salisbury said.

The truck was listed online for $25,000.

“We met a lot of great people especially in the food truck community, they have been so helpful. I wish good luck to the new owner,” Salisbury said.



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