It was a shame that Lakes Region Weekly (July 5) gave Edgar Allen Beem so much newspaper space to spread his vitriol. I’m so tired of Trump haters who can’t move past the fact that their corrupt candidate lost the election two years ago. Get over it. Move on.

Mr. Beem charged President Trump with “mobs with lies and hate.” The definition of mobs is “a large group of disorderly people intent on causing trouble or violence.” None of that occurred when thousands of families gathered around the Washington Mall on July 4 under their own will to celebrate our nation’s birthday and honor our military prowess. (The actions of Antifa would better describe “mob.”) No partisan politics were spewed by Trump much to the chagrin of the Left.

We have more people working now than the past administrations. More women, blacks and Latinos are joining the work force as better wages contribute to more jobs returning from outsourcing, deregulations and lower taxes.

Retraining and re-education in depressed areas is due to advancements in industrial operations and technologies, not “self serving capitalists who have rigged the economy,” as Mr. Beem ranted.

Hate speech is not what we need to “get a better American society” as Mr. Beem would like.

Joanne Webb

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