Let me begin by stating that I am not a Democrat, I am a fiscally conservative/socially liberal, lifelong independent. If I had to pick one characteristic that seems to stand out in supporters of Donald Trump it would be their utter disregard for the facts.

I submit as evidence the letter you printed from Alice Darlington in the July 19 issue. In a letter critical of Edgar Beem’s column, Ms. Darlington comments that the “founders weren’t racists or sexists.” Hello, really? Two-thirds of them were slaveholders, and a deep-seated racism was at the core of their beliefs. People of color, to them, were less than human, and no better than chattel. And sexists? My God, what do you call not allowing half the population to vote because they weren’t male, if that isn’t the definition of sexism, then what is? This is not an isolated example, but I’m an older guy and I don’t have the time to list here the literally hundreds of examples I have witnessed.

Add in your column by John Balentine, in which he seems to equate Werner Von Braun’s membership in the Nazi Party with John F. Kennedys peccadillos, and invents a hypothetical situation in which a liberal press criticizes Donald Trump after a moon landing, and my pleasant morning interlude on the porch with a second cup of coffee was ruined.

If I want a bizarre take on the events transpiring in our nation, I can watch Trump TV, but I don’t need it on my porch on a fine summer morning.

Gerald F. Slack


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