The ever expanding scope and granularity of landmarks designations is becoming a concern. Portland has many fine building and yet there seems to be a bloom of new categories notably working class housing on Munjoy Hill.

Now up for consideration is our automotive heritage on Forest Avenue.

Preservationalists should be assured that the physical manifestations of automobiles will be visible on our landscape for many years to come. There is no need to designate buildings of little significance just because they played a role in some facet of the past; why not then designate surface parking lots before the coming era of infill development destroys them all? Same is true for the old Vallee’s building (currently the “diner-like” Woodfords Food & Beverage).

It is an okay example of mid-century architecture, but doesn’t rate on any scale other than to compare it to other local examples like the Uhaul building. There is no reason to list mediocrities other than by virtue of them being our mediocrities.

Zack Barowitz


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