Rufus T. Firefly’s notion that Donald Trump is the sole reason America is enjoying an economic resurgence is ludicrous.

If he wants to argue that Trump’s tax cuts spurred economic growth, think again. Our current economic growth is actually no larger than it it would have been without the tax cuts.

Ask yourself honestly, are your wages higher than they were before Trump’s tax cuts were approved by Congress? Bet not. The few extra dollars in your paycheck was offset April 15 when you ended up paying your IRS bill, instead of receiving a refund as you have in past years.

So where did all the tax cut money really go? Trump’s millionaire and billionaire pals, if they’re not in jail, are laughing all the way to their off-shore bank accounts.

Ask soybean farmers, who have been caught up in Mr. Trump’s trade war, how they are enjoying the economic recovery so far. Or ask cheese producers or lobster fishermen how much their bottom line has been affected by the whims of a petulant president who uses their business pain to score political points in his trade wars intended to shore up his 37 percent base of supporters.

And then there’s that pesky fact about who ultimately pays for the tariffs the Chinese slapped on us in retaliation for Trump’s fun and games. Is it really the Chinese or the corporations importing the goods who pay the increased price or is it the American consumer.  The answer is obvious.

Oh, and analyze the job numbers now and from 2015 and 2016 and you would find they are identical.  Yes, Wall Street profiteers are trying to squeeze out every bit they can and making hay while the sun shines, but where’s all the new businesses and technology advances that are the hallmarks of traditional economic growth?

Trump’s economy pits your values against your pocketbook. Just ignore the racism, petty feuds, separating immigrant children from their families, war mongering, etc. Enjoy that extra $2.86 in your bi-weekly paycheck while our Commander-in-Chief plays yet another round of golf and pays off another mistress all while crowing about how he’s mainly responsible for your success.

Mark Aberletain