I am disappointed with Rep. Jared Golden’s opposition to impeachment hearings for President Trump.

Golden writes about the need for healing and national unity. While I support these things, I think they are not concepts that the Trump administration or the majority of Republicans in Congress hold in high esteem.

Trump and the Republican Senate do esteem a second term for Trump. If they win a second term, I believe it is their intent to continue with their current course of climate change denial, rapacious extraction of the world’s remaining resources and scapegoating of people who are migrating for survival reasons. These priorities will not contribute to national healing and unity.

From my perspective, Democrats need to unite in addressing climate change, protecting species and natural resources, and recognizing the innate brother and sisterhood of the human race. Democrats should unite on protecting the constitutional rights of Americans. When these rights are much more secure, national healing and unity will increase.

Ed Ferreira

New Sharon

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