Last week, after slandering Sen. Elizabeth Warren with unfounded accusations, columnist John Balentine said “… it takes charisma and vision to build up. You can’t deny Trump falls into (this) category.” The fact that he could type those words with a straight face strains credulity. We absolutely deny Trump falls into that category. A man who brags about sexual predation, calls Mexicans “rapists,” claims there are “good people on both sides” when referring to neo-Nazis, revels in chants of “send her back” after years of “lock her up,” who repeatedly calls the media “the enemy of the people,” who pulls the U.S. out of the Paris Accord, who lies shamelessly and constantly – among countless other despicable, divisive, immoral acts – possesses neither charisma nor vision. I suggest it’s time for Balentine to go; the man he praises stands in opposition to our community’s morals and standards.

Eric Hoffsten

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