A Wilton man out on bail on charges of trafficking in illegal drugs was arrested early Monday morning in Readfield after a traffic stop in which his female passenger allegedly concealed heroin for him.

Jeremy Wagner Anderson, 34, was arrested by Kennebec County Sheriff’s officers and charged with aggravated trafficking in scheduled drugs, unlawful possession of scheduled drugs, illegal possession of a firearm and violating conditions of release.

Anderson and a female passenger were pulled over by Sgt. Frank Hatch around 1:15 a.m. Monday on Route 17 in Readfield. The vehicle stop came after the truck Anderson was driving crossed the center line, into the oncoming traffic lane, multiple times, according to an affidavit filed by Hatch.

Anderson was out on bail, having been arrested on charges of aggravated trafficking in heroin in July in Wilton, with bail conditions that included being subject to search and testing on articulable suspicion. Hatch wrote that Anderson seemed nervous and his pupils were constricted, but he denied having any drugs and told police they could search his vehicle.

A drug search dog was brought in and indicated the female passenger had drugs. Deputies said the woman told them she had a small container of heroin that she had hidden at Anderson’s direction.

She retrieved the container and turned it over to police, who determined it contained a light tan powder the deputies believe to be heroin.

Deputies also found, in the back seat floor of the truck, a pill bottle containing what was later identified as an 8-milligram pill of Subutex.

Anderson told deputies the heroin and Subutex were his and that he handed it to the woman, who was not charged and told her to hide it.

He also told deputies there were two handguns and a rifle in the truck, all of which were later located by police.

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