Maine Solar Trust has completed a solar panel installation for the Kennebunkport Conservation Trust headquarters. SUBMITTED PHOTO

KENNEBUNKPORT — Maine Solar Solutions has completed a 10,500 kilowatt solar electric installation for the Kennebunkport Conservation Trust. The 33 photovoltaic panels are roof-mounted on their headquarters located at 57 Gravelly Brook Road in Kennebunkport.

Maine Solar Solutions designed and installed Kennebunkport Conservation Trust’s solar electric system to cover 100 percent of their annual electric usage at all three of their mainland locations. MSS also installed a mini-split heat pump system. All excess power generated at their headquarters during the day is sent back to the local power grid for credit towards the Trust’s power usage during times of low solar production (e.g. night time, stormy days, low winter sun, etc.).

The solar array will offset approximately 16,250 pounds of carbon dioxide in its first year. Those avoided emissions are equivalent to planting roughly 500 trees every year or 10,000 trees over the course of 20 years.

“Kennebunkport Conservation Trust is incredibly dedicated to conservation in Maine and solar was a great investment and natural next step for them. It was an honor to work alongside Kennebunkport Conservation Trust and guide them through their solar installation,” said Sam Zuckerman, owner of Maine Solar Solutions.

“Working with the great team at Maine Solar Solutions made the entire process smooth and straightforward,” said Kennebunkport Conservation Trust’s Director Jon Dykstra, “We’re excited to tap the power of Maine’s sun. This is another important component to our conservation efforts and will also serve as an educational tool for the community and teach others about going solar.”

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