Marianne Williamson, a Democratic candidate for president, has written several wonderful books. Her latest is “Politics of Love: A Handbook for a New American Revolution.”

We generally do not think of love and politics in the same sentence, and yet an entire book has been dedicated to this powerful topic. Marianne shares deep wisdom and knowledge of how it is possible to turn our nation around, so that it returns to representing all of the people and not big corporations. She tells how the people’s needs can be met and deep healing can occur throughout the land. She encourages us to assist by doing our part. This book is full of powerful suggestions for positive change for the greater good of our nation.

“Politics of Love” is well worth reading! It explains many issues and provides hope for real resolution.

Marianne stands out as a presidential candidate as she voices the truth. Our hearts resonate with truth, and thus she is the most looked up candidate. People want to know who she is, because they sense she is different; she is real.

Stand up, my fellow Americans, and support this courageous, wise woman’s endeavor to help us all and heal our country. Buy her book(s), make a contribution to her campaign, listen to her talks and spread the word of all that you learn. We can be proud to be American once again. Let us do our part!

Lashell Moon


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