As a teenager, I find it important to be able to use public transportation. I use the bus to go to school at Baxter Academy in Portland. I also have used it to go to First Friday Art Walk.

Being able to use the Breez has given me independence and freedom. The Breez has taught me about public transportation and how to access it. When I move forward in my life, I will have gained a valuable life skill because of the Breez.

We need to have public bus transportation, the Breez, continue because it helps the Yarmouth community. The many commuters who travel south to Portland, north to Freeport or further to Brunswick from Yarmouth for work or school use the bus daily. There are also people who do not have a car or cannot pay for parking in Portland who rely on the Breez to go to work.

During my daily ride I notice many different people in Yarmouth using the Breez. I have even helped tourists use the bus to visit Yarmouth from Portland. Without the Breez, many people would need to find another way to get where they need to go.

Furthermore, the people using the Breez are helping to reduce the amount of carbon dioxide that is put into the atmosphere every day. This is very important for our environment. Being able to help the fight against climate change is valuable, and having public transportation available is an easy way to do it. If Yarmouth did not have the Breez, commuters and students from Yarmouth would need to drive to work and school, adding more carbon dioxide to the atmosphere.

I urge the Town Council: Please vote to continue to support public transportation in Yarmouth. It makes a big difference for me and many others too.

Louisa Longshore


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