Maia Sharp and Anna Schulze, who perform as the duo Roscoe & Etta. Photo by Ethan Pines

Roscoe & Etta, the duo of Maia Sharp and Anna Schulze, made their Maine debut just about a year ago and will be back Friday night with a new batch of songs.

Named for two trusty old guitars, the duo released a self-titled album last year packed with fantastic songs like “Broken Headlights,” “Play On” and “Somebody.” The singer-songwriters met through a mutual friend a couple of years ago and are due to release the EP “Blessings, Curses, Anchors & Wings” in mid-September.

They’ll have copies with them at their show at One Longfellow Square, and you can expect to hear them play the four songs from it, as well as several from the debut album and likely some selections from their solo careers.

I fired off a bunch of questions to Sharp and Schulze, and while taking turns driving to a gig in Wisconsin, they collaborated on responses.

Most of the “Blessings” songs were written last winter and spring in both Nashville (where Sharp recently relocated) and Los Angeles (where Schulze lives). They brought in other writers on three of the four tracks in an attempt to stretch perspective. It worked.

The first single from the EP is “Get Lost,” written with singer-songwriter Mindy Smith. “I woke up with wild tugging at my sleeves/What’s the point of windows if you’re never gonna leave?” sings Schulze with Sharp joining in soon after. “My devil and my angel are saying the same things: Blessings, curses, anchors and wings.”


The song is a plaintive one with a gorgeous refrain. “No midnight sky, no bridge that I won’t burn when I’m across/No slowing down, don’t turn around. Get right, get out, get lost.” Schulze said the idea came from a hashtag that a friend used to stamp on all of his photos. “It is an homage to his legacy and the inescapable call to sometimes just hit the road and ‘get out.’ ”

Though she was hesitant to write about something so personal, Schulze said that after she got the words “get lost” tattooed on her arm, Sharp took this as her cue to suggest to Schulze that she write about it. Sharp had a hunch that Smith was the perfect person to tackle it with. “I’ve been writing with Mindy for years now and knew that this first meeting between her and Anna would be a really good match.  She quickly picked up that we could trust Mindy with the story,” Sharp said.

“Burn,” with Sharp on lead vocals, is like kicking the last few embers of a relationship in musical form. Sharp wrote this one in 2016 with Park Chisholm and Gabe Dixon. Sharp and Schulze wrote “Quiet” with Amy Kuney (who performs as Ames) and the duo wrote “Next Best Thing” together.

The performance in Portland will feature Sharp and Schulze both on acoustic guitars with some added guitar loops and a porch board stomp. Don’t worry, I didn’t know what it was either. Sharp told me it’s a foot stomper that sounds like a kick drum. Now, I kind of want one.

Roscoe & Etta
8 p.m. Friday. One Longfellow Square, 181 State St., Portland, $20 in advance, $25 day of show.

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