After reading the Sun Journal article about Edward Little High School in the Aug. 17 Press Herald (“Edward Little students, staff respond to news story about racism at school,” Page B3), I can assume that the editors, on Aug. 16, were excited to head out for the weekend and became distracted.

Facebook and Twitter are toxic media. You can opt in to those and they don’t cost anything. I pay for my subscription to the Press Herald and have since 1994. Mostly I’m super proud of my hometown newspaper. This article, though, was a junk-condensed version of a Boston Globe article.

You published a picture of one of our teachers, who’s making a difference every day, above a story that only mentions division. While I understand that racism and division happen here in Maine, sometimes at tables where I sit, a lot of us are leaving that table. Some of us stay and teach about race and diversity.

One of those people is Erin Towns. Had you included the photo from the Globe, it shows a sign hanging on her classroom door that says “Hate Has No Home Here,” in several languages.

Her bio includes travel on a Fulbright teacher professional development program to Kazakhstan, Japan, China, Ethiopia, and Germany, and she’s traveled with students to Mexico, Ecuador, England, France, Ireland and Spain. Trips abroad with her students give them a more global perspective, helping them to learn that all people are the same no matter where they live.

She has a fellowship from National Geographic and is a vice president at Maine Council for Social Studies and teacher liaison to the Camden Conference Education Committee.

This is poor editorial work, making it appear as if one of Edward Little’s most committed teachers is the face of your article about division.

Allison Stiles

South Portland

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