Morse High School’s new mascot, a shipbuilder, was designed by Morse High School alumna Sarah Meyer-Waldo. (Photo courtesy of Nate Priest)

BATH — Students at Bath’s Morse High School will see a new, large, plushy face at sporting events and pep rallies this school year.

Morse’s new mascot, a shipbuilder, debuted Monday evening at Morse’s annual “Midnight Madness,” the first football practice of the year.

The costume was modeled after a sketch by Morse 2018 alumna Sarah Meyer-Waldo. The shipbuilder costume features a hard hat, work boots and tool belt equipped with tools.

The character hasn’t been named yet, but Nate Priest, Morse’s athletic director, said he plans to organize a competition allowing students to decide the name.

“I hope the mascot builds upon the incredible amount of pride we have,” said Morse Principal Eric Varney. “We have a very unique school mascot, and I think it really personifies who we are as a town.” 

Nobody has been selected to wear the costume, but an email sent sought volunteers for the job. The wearer must be between 5-feet 8-inches and 6-feet tall, be in good academic standing and bursting with school spirit, according to Priest.

While Morse High School has always used the shipbuilder as its mascot–fitting for the City of Ships–the school has never had an official costume for someone to wear.

“All traditions that we pride ourselves on have to start somewhere,” said Troy Cunningham, who graduated from Morse in 1987. “The addition of the mascot is a welcome change.”

Cunningham said the new mascot reminds him of Rosie the Riveter because “he looks like he’s ready to roll up his sleeves and get to work.” 

“When I went to Morse there was a lot of school pride. When I look at the stands now, they’re a little sparse,” said Maureen Craney, president of the Morse boosters and graduate of the class of 1999. “I hope the new mascot puts more people in the stands and adds a little excitement.” 

The costume cost $5,000 and was purchased by the school’s boosters club, who had the money in their budget. Sugar’s Mascot Costumes in Toronto, Canada, which specializes in custom costumes, made the suit. The company has made mascot costumes for the Seattle Seahawks, Toronto Blue Jays, and the Kansas City Royals. 

Made of mostly felt and foam, the costume includes a vent on the top of the head to help circulate air inside and prevent condensation from building up. The costume also came with a removable cooling vest filled with water that can be frozen or refrigerated to help keep the wearer from overheating.

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