For the second year in a row, I have attended some of the concerts in the Bay Chamber Summer Concert Series in Rockport. I am surprised that you do not cover these events, some of which have been truly extraordinary.

For example, last year’s final concert of the series was a world premiere of an opera. Recent performers included an outstanding string quartet from Glasgow, Scotland.

I know Portland has many excellent musical events, but given that people I have spoken to at these concerts have sometimes come from farther distances than Portland to attend them, it would be worth learning about what is planned, publicizing them and sending a reporter to one or more of the concerts.

Those of us in the midcoast read your paper every day and send money to support immigrants in Portland and in many ways feel that your paper is “our” paper. Please consider covering exceptional events in our region that people from other parts of the state might be interested in attending.

Jane Conrad

Tenants Harbor

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