As some of you know, I have been trying to get the state of Maine to pick up the cost of my prescription marijuana since 2007.

Between the state and Medicaid, all my scripts are paid for, except my marijuana.

I’ve written Gov. Mills and I even talked to my representative in the Legislature, from whom I had to listen to all this rhetoric of someone who has no clue what this miracle drug has to offer to thousands, maybe millions of people who don’t want the side effects of harder drugs.

Not being able to purchase this without going underwater with our living expenses has brought me back to a decision I hated to make: I directed my doctor to put me back on my prescriptions so I can get some relief.

So that’s it. I’m now back on barbiturates.

So when I get hooked or even OD on these drugs, blood will be on your hands, state of Maine, not mine!

State of Maine: When you read my obituary, remember I tried to stay off these drugs without going financially underwater!

Scott Grant

New Gloucester

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