I commend Sen. Susan Collins for being a long-standing advocate of affordable, quality health care for all Mainers. No family ever wants to be hit with a surprise bill while seeking the best possible care in times of emergency, which is why I am urging Sen. Collins to support Sen. Bill Cassidy’s “baseball-style arbitration” approach to ending surprise billing.

I am concerned with the bill reported out of the Senate Health, Education, Labor and Pensions Committee, because it implements a benchmarking system that will lead to the creation of a de facto floor for reimbursement for providers, resulting in the loss of quality health care personnel. Rural Maine cannot afford the threat created under this proposal.

I believe that an independent dispute resolution approach, which is included in the Cassidy bill, protects both providers and patients. It ensures that Maine’s hospitals, community health centers and rural health clinics will be able to continue to provide quality health care to Mainers, whether they live in Aroostook, York or Oxford counties. And it will help strengthen the ability of our hospitals and health care clinics to attract and retain needed personnel. I ask Sen. Collins to support Sen. Cassidy’s proposal to end surprise billing.

Jonathan Moynahan


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