Like many of us, columnist Bill Nemitz continues under the spell of Big Chem solutions (“A homegrown moral dilemma: Kill the invaders or live and let live,” Aug. 22), in that our first response to the infestation of unwanted insects has us running for a can of Raid.

From weed killers to air-freshening room spray, there’s a seemingly harmless chemical solution for nearly any issue. Fortunately, though, one can use the internet to research potential safer alternatives, one of which may be to recognize the interconnectedness of all life, and just … let … be.

Our challenge, then, is to question, question, question what we’ve been conditioned to believe. And pssst: Did you know that a half-teaspoon of baking soda mixed with a tad of water makes a fully functioning underarm deodorant?

Susan Veligor


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