Re: “Bill Nemitz: The good news: A mass shooting didn’t happen in Maine last week” (Aug. 25):

In Massachusetts, I was a member of the Danvers Fish and Game Club. I was about 15 years old.

After attending training on gun handling and safety, and after a test, we were issued a firearms identification card.

Before being issued that card, we were background checked by some “powers that be.”

After taking the test and getting the firearms identification card, we were allowed to go out on the range and fire the .22 bolt-action rifle at a target 50 feet away.

My question is: Why isn’t something like that implemented wherever they are selling guns? The person would be required to present his or her firearms identification card before buying any type of gun. And I believe that “the powers that be” are smart enough to figure out how to do it in terms of private sales.

I believe that this would eliminate a lot of problems.

Lee Anne Kupreance


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