The new building owners intend to renovate the building at 616 Main St., Westbrook. Chance Viles/ American Journal

WESTBROOK — With a for sale sign posted out front, River’s Edge Deli regulars may have been concerned their favorite breakfast spot was on the way out, but owner Steve Lampron says his deli is staying on Main Street.

After the building housing the deli at 616 Main St. went up for sale a few weeks back, Lampron was talking with a couple of friends, who are regular customers, about the possibility he’d have to move for a fourth time. Robert Patten and Tom Dore decided to pony up and buy the building themselves.

Patten, who owns the Westbrook Dairy Queen, said he and Dore, owner of Atlantic Transport Systems off Warren Avenue, “decided to make an offer and fix it up for him so he can stay there and keep it in Westbrook, being local guys and Westbrook business owners.”

“I told (Dore) to take the sale sign down. A lot of people are excited we are staying,” Lampron said. “I’m excited. I could move,  but this is where I need to be.”

If River’s Edge moved, it would have been its fourth location in the roughly 20 years it has been in business. It has had a Main Street location for 12 years.

Patten and Dore plan to give their new building a facelift as well.

“It’s been an eyesore. The city has been very helpful with us as far as pointing us in the right direction for some funding help and some people to talk to as far as the plan and design. We want it to speak to something, we want to say that ‘this is a business,'” Patten said.

“I would be remiss if I also didn’t add that Evergreen Credit Union and the previous building owner weren’t major helps in this project,” he said.

River’s Edge is working with architects to design the renovations and hopes to get to work as soon as possible.


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