My Volvo wagon was totaled July 29 by a raised manhole on Woodford Street.

The street has been under construction for almost two years. No protective collars prevented my car from coming to a full and immediate halt, which could have been far worse if I hadn’t been driving slowly to navigate the narrow street, with a bicyclist on one side and oncoming traffic barreling by on the other.

The manhole mangled part of the car frame and steering assembly, and is expected to cost more than $2,000 to repair.

The police directed me to the city’s corporation counsel, who referred me to the roadwork contractor, D&C Construction Inc., which is claiming no liability for the incident.

This is clearly a case of negligence and a hazard to the public. This road has been in a state of hazard for far too long now! It is understandable that the city would want to avoid liability for public works projects, but when citizens are hurt or property damaged by unsafe conditions left by contractors, they should take responsibility for public safety.

Janet Fischer


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