A vote for real estate lawyer Spencer Thibodeau is a vote against renters, low-income families and workers – we who actually live here and contribute to our resilient community. Large donors to his mayoral campaign include real estate agents, lawyers, CEOs and lobbyists.

The selling out of hundreds of affordable bedrooms in Bayside to Port Property is a disturbing reality the community is struggling against. As beloved small businesses like Silly’s and Local Sprouts close in the face of competition, hotels and condos are being built left and right.

He voted to push the homeless shelter to Riverton, far from services and community. He votes in favor of devious management companies, not for us.

Thibodeau is on the side of big money demolishing our city at the profit of the few and displacement of the many. A mayor who values profit and property value over housing local residents is not the mayor we deserve.

Lynn Kovitch


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