Watching Sen. Susan Collins helping with a Lyme disease bill and getting a soldier’s family his Purple Heart is slightly nauseating. What a set of totally obvious ploys for good PR before an election. They are actions that mean nothing on a national stage, while her silence and votes at the Senate level give us the truth of her motives.

While children separated from parents live in jails at our “camps,” Collins does nothing. Collins allows the president to steal money from military projects to build his illegal wall, and does nothing. She voted for an obvious sexual predator because she believed him. She supports Mitch McConnell, who is denying bills that would address the rampant assault rifle killings in our country and outside election interference from Russia. All the money going into President Trump’s pockets from elected officials staying at his places of business? She says and does nothing.

Oh, and her dark money complaint? Besides the fact she voted against a bill that would have made such disclosures mandatory, let’s see her disclosures first. I didn’t vote for her last time, and this time the two-faced hypocrisy is even more obvious. Vote her out.

Arian Heald


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