Recently there appeared two news stories that reveal the hypocrisy in the efforts in aiding our fellow man. One story indicated that individuals who leave items out for the homeless Mainers in Sanford could be charged with littering (Sept. 7, Page B3), while the city of Portland struggles to decide how to spend nearly $1 million of donated money sent to aid the recent settlement of immigrants (Sept. 5, Page C4).

Is it me or does anyone else recognize a disconnect here? Upon arrival of the immigrants invited here by Portland city leaders with no discernible plan beyond camping out at the Expo, people were tripping over each other in providing money, food, resources and even space in their homes while a lone restaurant was providing meals each day to the homeless individuals living in tents in the woods of Sanford.

Apparently since the story aired on the news last month about the restaurant providing the meals to the homeless, caring citizens have been providing food and other items to assist these folks. According to the recent story, Sanford Police are warning residents not to leave donations of clothing or other items; if caught, these residents are subject to a summons for littering.

I do not envy the plight of the immigrants. Theirs is a story no one should endure. However, are the people who live among us any less deserving of the charity extended to the immigrants? Hey, Portland, I have a great idea on how to spend that $1 million.

Steven Edmondson


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