As we approach another election year in Saco, I would like to take a moment to remind all candidates for office that we are a community that decided years ago to eliminate political parties as the source of candidates for office. This charter change was made after we suffered through years of political dysfunction created, in part, by the parties looking to gain political advantage.

Voters recognized that most, if not all issues, at the city level are not well suited to party platforms. Educating are children, one of our most important duties, is not a Democratic or Republican issue, it is a community issue. Streets, sidewalks and recreation aren’t party issues, they are community issues.

Having experienced the turbulent times in the late 70s and early 80s voters recognized that Saco needed to change to move forward. While the elimination of partisan politics was not the singular reason we have become a community we can all be proud of, it has helped focus discussions on issues versus parties.

Nonpartisan elections have served us well for more than a generation and we should continue to uphold the tradition of voting for the candidate with the best ideas for helping Saco move into the future.

Thank you and please remember to vote on Nov. 5.

Ron Michaud